The Owner's Manual is Intimidating

It's Time to Do Something About It

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Providing Vehicle Owners with 24/7 Live Access to Information about Their Vehicle

During the delivery process, it’s practically impossible for a consumer to absorb the vast array of technologies and features that comes equipped in today's modern vehicle. Most consumers simply assume (or hope) they will be able to figure it all out when the time comes. Let's face it - this doesn't end well.

Your Customers Need 24/7 Access to Someone Who Can Help

By providing your customers access to Owner’s Manual Live, they will have 24/7 access to a team of super-friendly trained Experts ready to answer any vehicle-related question that can be found in their vehicle’s owner’s manual

Any Question. Any Time.


MyStar will send you a supply of custom branded cards to put in the glove box of your vehicles.


During the delivery of the vehicle, the customer is told:

And don't worry Ms. Williams. If there is ever ANYTHING you need to know about your vehicle, simply call the toll free number on the card that I am putting in the glove box and our vehicle Experts will help with anything you need, even scheduling service appointments.


The customer is recognized when they call in.

The customer information including Name, Phone Number(s) and VIN is pushed to MyStar via a data feed process after a sale is made.


When a customer calls the toll free number from a recognized phone number*, we will greet the customer by name and brand your dealership.

Program Pricing

Lifetime of the customer Lifetime of the vehicle
Lifetime support of the original owner(s) of the vehicle Check Check
All recognized customers are greeted by name
and hear your dealership branding
Check Check
Unrecognized callers are looked up and added to account Check Check
Lifetime support of the original owner(s) of the vehicle Check Check
Once a vehicle has been resold to a new owner, the new
owner information is shared with the dealership
Check Check
Includes live service appointment setting Check Check
Customers are informed about any open recalls
and are suggested a service appointment
Check Check
Unlimited supply of custom-branded cards to be placed in the glove box Check Check
Lifetime support of ANY owner(s) of the vehicle for a lifetime Check
A private toll free number is provided to the dealership Check
Dealership is branded regardless of whether the caller is recognized or not Check
$5.00per vehicle $7.00per vehicle

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Did You Know?

Studies show that new vehicle owners are much more likely to express dissatisfaction on CSI surveys if they experience frustration with operating the typical features now equipped on most modern vehicles

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